We accept all major credit and debits cards including AMEX. You can enable auto recharge and update your payment method on your account page in Telsim. If your payment method is updated in our records, your amount due will be automatically deducted on the due date. If the payment method is not updated in our records, we will remind you about the validity expiry date and time, and you will need to recharge your services before the expiry. If the service is not recharged on time, Telsim reserves the right to suspend your services. Telsim may charge a service fee for reconnecting the services. All transactions are processed in Australian Dollars.

If any new tax or government impost is introduced, or if the rate of any existing tax is changed, which applies directly to the price of goods or services, we will make appropriate adjustments to the fees and charges in the Critical Information Summary or Pricing Table.

By default, all the invoices provide a detailed summary of product and service charges, but it does not provide the details on all the calls made by the customer. An itemized bill means giving complete details of all the calls made by the customer. You may request an itemized bill by contacting our support team.

If you have activated your Telsim service before 1 November 2021, please refer your Billing and Payment Policy here.

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