TELSIM allows you to bring your existing number to us. Here’s how your number transfer works !

Sign Up For A Telsim Plan

The sign up process is just easy! Let us know that you want to keep your existing number and you’ll just need to provide a few details about your number to us.

Initiate Your Number Transfer Process

After you receive our new Telsim SIM card, initiate the transfer of your number using the link we sent to your email!

Just Sit & Relax While We Get Your Number Transferred To Telsim

After you initiate the number transfer process, we’ll be working with your existing mobile operator to get your existing number transferred to Telsim. You wouldn’t need to do anything at this stage. Please have your Telsim SIM card handy so that you can switch your SIM cards once your transfer is complete!

Most transfers are completed within four hours, or by the end of the following business day. During the transfer, you can continue to use your current provider’s SIM. Please remember to keep your number active with your existing provider until the transfer has been completed.


Let us know when your contract ends and we’ll send you a reminder to port over to Telsim.

    Important Note

    • Only active numbers can be transferred
    • Mobile phone locked to a network cannot be transferred
    • Telsim do not charge any fees for transferring your number to our network
    • You should be the owner of the number to request for a transfer.
    • If your existing connection is pre-paid, you should provide us with your name and date of birth to verify it against your current provider.
    • If your existing connection is post-paid, you should provide us with your name and account number mentioned on your monthly bills to verify it against your current provider.
    • For more details, see here.
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