Data rollover up to 300GB
You can Bank your data! What is Data Banking?

Unused data excluding Promo/Bonus Data will rollover into Data Bank with a maximum limit of 300 GB. Data Bank Data will only be used once you have exceeded your monthly Data allowance. Your unused and accumulated data will be forfeited, if you do not recharge within 24 hours of expiry with an equal or higher Plan. You’ll also forfeit your data if you downgrade the plan.

How can you save unused data by DATA BANK?

You can enjoy the banking of data when you change the plan from a lower to a higher plan or when using the existing one.

You are allowed to use the data in the data bank only when you exceeded your monthly allowed data.

The databank will only start accumulating once an existing service is recharged, or on any new services.

At the expiry of a plan, and if you have a data bank, you have a 24-hours grace period to purchase another eligible plan, otherwise, you will lose your data bank balance.

You’ll also forfeit your data if you downgrade the plan.

Banking Eligible plans

You can explore both long term as well as short term plans for Data Banking

Check your Data Bank balance

You can check your balance here

Data Bank up to 300GB
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